प्रथमं नैमिषं पुण्यं चक्रतीर्थं च पुष्करम् ।
अन्येषां चैव तीर्थानां सङ्ख्या नास्ति महीतले ।।


Once upon a time, the sages requested Brahma to point a holy place where the influence of Kali Yug is not felt and where worship yields the desired fruits. Brahma had created a Chakra (disc) from his heart and threw it saying, "Wherever the Nami or center of this disc lands, there, a very sacred and fast result-yielding place is created." Since Nami landed, this place is known as Naimisharanya. This is stated in Koorma Puraana, Siva Puraana, Padma Puraana, Devi Bhaagavatham, Vaayu Puraana, Matsya Puraana and many more Puraanas.