प्रथमं नैमिषं पुण्यं चक्रतीर्थं च पुष्करम् ।
अन्येषां चैव तीर्थानां सङ्ख्या नास्ति महीतले ।।


Naimisharanya is located in India, in the state of Uttar pradesh, in lucknow province, in sitapur district. It is located 35 km from sitapur, 40 km from hardoi and 100 km from lucknow. Government and private vehicles are available from 4:15- 4:25 pm by road way service. Apart from lucknow to kesarbagh bus stop and sitapur by bus also.
If the devoties have any inconviences kindly contact us.

1. Railway Route:

Naimisharanya can be reached in the route of lucknow - delhi, 25 km from Balamaou junction on the line of Balamaou and Sitapur.

2. Airways:

Lucknow's Amowsi airport is 115 km from Naimisharanya.