प्रथमं नैमिषं पुण्यं चक्रतीर्थं च पुष्करम् ।
अन्येषां चैव तीर्थानां सङ्ख्या नास्ति महीतले ।।

NAIMISHARANYA - a sacred place

Naimisharanya is renowned from the time of Satya Yug or Kritha Yug, the most ancient times. It is the holy place where many sages have performed their penance. It is believed that on visiting this sacred place, people are rid of their sins. Upon visiting Naimisharanya, man attains Moksh (liberation) and attains immense powers (the eight powers that are talked about in Hindu philosophy). These words and their importance are mentioned in various ancient scriptures of India. Naimisharanya is also referred to as Naimish or Neemsaar or Neemshaar.

There are innumerable Theerth (holy places) in India among which Chakra Theerth, the Pushkar in Naimisharanya ranks first.

Naimisharanya is the birthplace of many puraanas. Here, many sages have gathered Knowledge for realizing self.

The Universally known Satyanarayan Katha was told by Suth to Shounak and other sages in Naimisharanya. Description of this holy place is found in the first sloka of the story.

It is stated in Devi Bhaagavatham that Naimisharanya is among the nine prominent Aranyas (forest) of the earth.

Naimisharanya is the abode of all of the holy places on earth and visiting this place equals visiting all the holy places at once. This evidence is found in Mahaabhaarath.

The renowned saint Goswami Tulasi Das wrote about the prominence of Naimisharanya in Raamcharith Maanas. Naimisharanya is the stomach of our deceased elders. Paying homage to our elders at naimisharanya satisfies them and any sins aquried by us will be quenched and it is beneficial to our family.